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Want to work with big brands? Curious how other agencies get massive opportunities? Wonder how you can find top talent to take your agency to the next level? Amazing opportunities might be right in front of you and you don’t even know it.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • How to get opportunities to work with big brands.
  • 3 Strategies to help you win more agency business.
  • 2 Tips for hiring agency team members to help scale.


In this episode, I had the opportunity to chat with Colin Moffat, co-founder of Artemis Ward the branding agency he started with a former colleague. The two met while working for a big agency. However, six years ago, they decided to start their own agency after seeing a lot of cool work going to agencies smaller than theirs. Colin is on the show to talk about strategies that have gotten Artemis Ward opportunities to work with big brands

How to Get Opportunities With Big Brands

Colin says great business development effort comes down to relationships. Strong relationships are the key to success, so don’t take any of your relationships for granted. Always be cultivating and maintaining relationships.

What kind of relationships can help grow your agency? All of them! Current clients, former colleagues; remember no one stays where they are forever. Keep up with people and be cool to them. Getting a foot in the door with big brands is about having the right relationship and doing good work every single time.

Don’t Keep Your Head Down Too Long

As a small and new agency, Colin says they were dedicated to the work but kept their heads down and grinded away at it. Most people do this thinking the hustle will eventually pay off. But Colin says it wasn’t until they lifted their heads that ideal clients started to really take notice.

People may know you and like you but they aren’t thinking of you every day. Sometimes you have to pick up your head and make sure you’re getting noticed. People may think you’re great but you’re not going to be top of mind all the time.

Artemis Ward engaged prospects with an email newsletter, social media and putting efforts into their own marketing. While there isn’t an immediate payoff this creates opportunities down the road. Colin’s advice: showcase the work, be helpful, and show the world what you can do.

3 Strategies To Help You Win More Agency Business

  1. Connect others. When you connect two people within your network, without anything to gain for yourself, you build trust and goodwill. Help others out and they’ll remember what you did for them. In return, they’ll want to connect you with others too.
  2. Low hanging fruit. As a rule, I tell my clients to go through a low-hanging fruit exercise every 90 days. Your low-hanging fruit could be old clients, old prospects, missed opportunities. Re-engage with them in a strategic way. Don’t simply check-in, but approach them with a plan on how you can help them now.
  3. Stay present. Spend some time scrolling your LinkedIn to see where people are and what they’re up to. Out of sight, out of mind. So in order to stay top of mind, interact on social media and build goodwill. Results won’t be immediate but you never know what’s in store 6-months or 6-years down the road.

2 Tips for Hiring Agency Team Members to Help Scale

Artemis Ward makes every effort to stay small and nimble. Therefore, it’s important to have really good people on your agency team in order to scale. Colin says he hire for culture fit, keeping two criteria in mind:

1. Smart and adaptable. They want agency team members who can stay fluid. Some people need more structure and that’s OK but not a fit for the agency. Colin hires people who can be flexible and embrace unpredictability.

2. Diverse background and experiences. They don’t just hire the “typical agency person” or someone with tons of agency experience. Colin wants team members with different perspectives. When you’re solving unique problems you need a team that is unique.

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