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Would you like to win more clients without the pressure of selling to them? Would you like to know how to improve relationships and build authority? Stop wasting time, energy, and resources by networking. Instead, leverage media to help you win more agency business without constantly selling. Learn some great growth hacks through the art of preselling.

In today's episode, we'll cover:

  • Why you should start interviewing others.
  • Why you should start being interviewed by others.
  • #1 hack for selling more to your ideal clients.

Today, I talked with Steve Gordon, Founder of Unstoppable CEO. Steve works with professional services firms to help them convert more prospects through the art of preselling. Steve hates the traditional networking grind (so do I!) So, Steve is a big fan of prospecting for clients through mediums like podcasts and video. Here's here to share some valuable advice on building relationships and authority so you can land more business without selling.

Why You Should Start Interviewing Others

Do you want to build authority fast? Start interviewing prospects to help you grow your community of followers. Steve is a big proponent of recorded client interviews. What's a recorded interview? Well, podcasts are for one! Why is sitting down with an expert guest so valuable?

  1. Build your content library: Not only are you getting your prospect in a room with you, but you're also creating value-added content for everyone in your network.
  2. Grow your reach: Whether you're using a podcast, YouTube, or webinars, sitting down with a guest is a surefire way to increase your reach. Think your guest won't share that interview with his whole network? Think again. Most guests want to promote your show because you've set them up as an expert. They're as proud of the interview as you are!
  3. Low-cost point of entry: You don't have to spend a ton on equipment in order to interview guests on a video show or podcast. In fact, starting a podcast is easier than you think.
  4. Eliminate the sales game:  Your prospects are consuming your content on their own terms. Some will binge watch/listen. No matter where or when they're listening you're establishing a relationship with many while talking to one.

Why You Should Start Being Interviewed by Others

Think interviewing clients is the only way to build credibility and scale your network? Nope. It works both ways. Get yourself booked on other shows where your ideal clients are listening. Not only does this get you out in front of a new crowd of potential prospects, but you're also building relationships with the interviewers. That's a double whammy. Being a guest on a podcast is easy! Just offer their viewers valuable content by speaking on topics that solve one of their pain points.

If you have value to share, there are podcasts out there looking for you. Try the reciprocating tactic where you have a guest on your show and then ask to be on theirs. Everyone is always looking for new content - all you need to do is be relevant.

#1 Hack For Selling More to Your Ideal Clients

If you want to stay a step ahead of the competition, you have to build a relationship with your clients. They need to know you're the real deal. So, how do you do that?

Let them get to know you. Be genuine. Whether it's smart, funny, charming, blunt, thoughtful, sarcastic... you be you.

It doesn't have to be interviews, or videos, or podcasts — it can be whatever medium you want! Just make sure you're sending it to your prospects and putting it on the platforms where your prospects congregate. My YouTube channel and podcast have built relationships with my subscribers. They feel like they know me even when I've never met most of them.

Think about it this way. When you listen to your favorite business podcast or video, is it because you view them as an authority? Of course! They're the king of the castle because they have the keys to the front door. With media (think webinars, YouTube, podcasts, etc.) you can position yourself however you want. Plus, when clients watch or listen to your content they get a feel for who you are and you've got a better chance of resonating with them.


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