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Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid To Ask

Do you have questions about me and my agency experience that you've been wondering but were afraid to ask everything?

In this episode of Ask Swenk, I take your questions that many you have asked about my journey as an agency owner. Here's everything you've been wanting to know about why I sold my agency, what I'd do differently, what I regret and why I do what I'm doing now.

I've been getting some great questions about my past experience as an agency owner and thought it would be a great #AskSwenk episode to show you I'm totally transparent when it comes to my successes, failures, lessons learned and regrets. Check it out:

{0:30} If you were so successful, why did you sell your agency?

{2:00} If you could do it all again, what would you do differently as an agency owner?

{4:52} What do you regret about the acquisition process?

{7:37 } Why do you do what you're doing now?

What More Do You Want to Know?

I hope you found this instalment of Ask Swenk beneficial and it helps you with any of your business concerns.

If you have more questions about how you can improve your agency, I can help. I have covered topics including how to start an agency from scratch to reasons you should sell your agency.

Have other topics you want advice on? You can check out all my tips, tricks and everything you need to know in my blogs. I have covered a wide variety of topics as well as answering your questions in more from my Ask Swenk series.

Are videos more your thing?  You can check out my Ask Swenk series and more of my videos on my Youtube channel for advice from myself and other agency experts.

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