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How to BONUS the Creative Team, Prospect Selection & Sales Process, Sales Team Model?

#AskSwenk 37: How can you bonus and incentivize your creative team? What to do when the prospect is controlling the sales process and expects some "free" work. PLUS, how to structure your agency's sales team.

{0:32} Meny asked: "How can we build an incentive program for our creative team members, and what would that look like?"

{3:53} Jared asked: "How do you address prospects who want to control the sales process? We're talking to someone right now that is putting us through their selection process with very little regard to our process and getting the information we need to put together a proposal. Normally I would go through their motions, but some of the questions they're asking are very tactical and would almost cross over into the 'working for free' zone."

{6:22} Jack asked: "Selling has always come natural to me. I know some agencies have the CEO do ALL the sales, but I don't think that's as scalable as having Account Managers who can sell. What's the best business model for a sales team:

  • The hunter/farmer model?
  • The account manager does both model?
  • CEO does all the sales, hands off to account manager?"

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