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Have you ever considered live streaming as part of your marketing strategy for your business? Not sure how to get started?

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why live streaming video is so HOT right now.
  • How you can use live streaming video for generating new agency business.
  • One new technology that will keep you ahead of current trends.

Former agency owner Kim Garst is totally on top of the social media game. She’s been named on a couple pretty prestigious lists, including Forbes’ Top 50 Social Media Influencers and Top 20 Women Influencers. She’s a serial entrepreneur who has spent the last two decades forging her way with online startups - including a digital agency.

Kim’s business, Boom Social began as an agency which has now morphed into a social media training resource for entrepreneurs. She’s finding more success and satisfaction in helping entrepreneurs find and develop their social media voice. Here’s what she shared about this year’s hottest trend: live streaming video.

What’s the big deal with live streaming video?

Live streaming video isn’t new. What is new, is the accessibility and convenience of it. Apps like Meerkat and Periscope brought live stream to handheld devices and their popularity soared. This is the year for Live Streaming Video. Already this year, we’ve seen Facebook and YouTube jump onboard.

As a society, we’ve spent the better part of a decade on social media. Status updates and Tweets are the norm. But as humans we crave more personal contact. When we consume in video form we find it more personal. When it’s a live feed, it’s more authentic, raw and real.

If you’re apprehensive about recording live video, you’re not alone. It definitely exposes you and makes you more vulnerable. The upside is, you’re not alone!

How to use live streaming video for business:

Remember people are craving that personal element that video provides? Use it to your advantage! Pick a platform and use it for things like -

  • Recruiting Top Talent - if you’ve got a great company culture, spotlight it on video.  Showcase the people and environment of your agency and let viewers get a glimpse.

  • Client Retention - showcase who’s doing what. This lets your clients see some of the “behind the scenes” work that goes on.

  • Generate Leads - consider it a “video blog”. You’re already creating content that solves a problem or eases a pain point for your prospects. Turn on the video camera and talk through it instead of writing it. Create that know-like-trust factor a lot sooner by giving it a personal touch.

If you’re personable and providing valuable information you will convert faster using live streaming video. The effects of live streaming video moves much faster than blogging or tweeting. Kim says she’s even converting some leads after just one touchpoint!

Clients expect you to bring them emerging trends.

You’re an agency so you’ve got to be on top of the latest technologies. In our Future Outlook Report for 2016, we discovered the #1 thing brands want from agencies is new business building strategies and solutions. Even if you aren’t using some of the latest social media technologies for your own business, your clients are expecting you to be skilled at using them.

One new, cutting edge technology.

One super NEW social app is Anchor. It’s an audio app described as “radio by real people”. Anchor is  a free iPhone app that let’s you broadcast short (2 mins or less) audio clips to global followers. Listeners can talk back which is something live streaming video doesn’t allow.

Kim and I agree that Anchor is the next BIG THING. Anchor encourages more engagement and satisfies our human craving for personal contact. She does say, however, that Anchor can become time consuming because it requires attention and constant follow-up to develop relationships.

2 creative ways to use live video and audio for business:

  • Work smarter, not harder. Think of ways to stack your social media efforts. Get this -- Kim hosts live Q&A’s on Anchor while broadcasting on TWO live streaming video platforms - Periscope and Facebook Live. Then she embeds the Anchor broadcasts into blog posts to repurpose and give it a longer life. Don’t know about you, but my mind is officially blown.
  • Start your own Q&A. You don’t have to score a triple-pointer like Kim, but answering your client’s biggest questions is the easiest and most effective ways to use these live video or radio apps. Find out what people want to know, let them ask and you answer. Establish authority and nurture the relationship into trust and eventual sales. Speaking of...  ever heard of #AskSwenk? :)

Kim’s best advice:  Jump over the fear hurdle and hit the “start broadcast” button!

Take action NOW ...because ACTIONS lead to TRANSACTIONS

How Can I Help You?

I hope you found this beneficial and it gave you an insight into using live streaming video for your business and marketing strategy.

If you have more questions about how you can improve your agency, I can help. Whether you are an experienced agency owner or have just started a new agency, I have covered topics including how to stop losing clients to reasons you should sell your agency.

Have other topics you want advice on? You can check out all my tips, tricks, and everything you need to know in my blogs. I have covered a wide variety of topics as well as answered your questions in more from my Ask Swenk series.

Are videos more your thing?  You can check out my Ask Swenk series and more of my videos on my YouTube channel for advice from myself and other agency experts.

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