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Whether you are starting an agency or you're an established agency that has potentially hit a plateau, finding the best team especially your sales team is important. In this episode of Ask Swenk, I discuss everything you need to know about finding, hiring, paying and managing great sales reps to CRUSH IT in your agency new business.

I talk about everything from skill criteria and previous experience to salary and commission.

Finding, Hiring, Paying & Managing Agency Sales Reps

{1:03} Simohammed asked: “I’m thinking of hiring a sales rep for my agency. I know it's good to make the salary based on the representative's performance but from your experiences do you give a small salary as a base if there is no performance or is it always based on performance like project commissions and percentages?"

{3:48}  “What are other criteria that you look into a sales rep, besides being good in communication and a good sales person?”

{7:39}  “Is it possible to look for people with an existing network or previous experience in the same field etc?”


Grow as a Business

I hope you found this information helpful in finding the best sales reps for your agency to bring in those bigger clients and achieve the business growth you aspire to.

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