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First Pitch to a Client

On the first pitch to a client, it can create different obstacles for you as an agency owner as well as your team. Understanding your agency, resources you have and those you can bluff can make the difference in any first pitch with a potential client.

In this episode of Ask Swenk, I talk about understanding cash reserves for your agency, why clients leave and how to avoid it, PLUS how to respond when prospects ask for an success story that you don't have yet.

{3:01} Alina asked: "How much money should we have in reserve for a rainy day to run our agency successfully?"

{6:12} George asked: "We just lost a major long term client. We never saw this coming because we've won a lot of awards on their work and they've seen traffic and sales growth every year we've worked together. Why do you think they left and what could we have done differently?"

{9:11} Phill asked: "When you're pitching for that first big project that you have not done for anyone yet, what is a good approach when the prospect asks, "Do you have an example of this that has been successful for another client?" And this being your first pitch for this type of project, you don't have any examples to give them. So, what's a solid comeback?"

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